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Class X Result 2013-14




Notice Board Archive

|| An Inter-House Poem Recitation Competition was organized for students of classes IV and V on 31st July 2014 at the Primary Wing of Salwan Public School Afternoon.


|| To appoint new student leaders for the session 2014-15, the Investiture Ceremony was conducted at Salwan Public School Afternoon on July 25 with great enthusiasm.


|| A special assembly on Duties of the Prefectorial Board was organized on 25th July 2014 by the students of class VII-B and IV-A.


|| A special assembly was conducted by class VIII B on recycling and waste management.


|| Salwan Public School Afternoon organized an ‘Interface with Parents’ wherein parents of the students of our school were invited to be a part of the teaching world.


|| Special Assembly on "Eco- Sustainability" was held on 11th July, 2014.


|| Special Assembly on " Save Mother Earth" was held on 9th July 2014.


||International Cooperatives’ Day was celebrated in the school on 5th of JULY 2014 in  the School Assembly.


|| The students of classes I-X watched the movie "Hawa Hawai" on July 5, 2014.


||On 4th July 2014 class X-B conducted a special assembly on ‘Say no to Polybags’.


|| On 2nd July, 2014, a special assembly was conducted by the students of class X-A in the school to welcome the students after a long summer vacation.


|| Salwan Public School Afternoon organized a Summer Camp for the students of classes I to V on 17th May 2014.

|| Special Assembly on "Cultural Diversity of India" was held on 16th May 2014.

|| Special Assembly on "Our Heritage" was held on 9th May 2014.

||Special Assembly on "Conservation of Historical Monuments" was held on 9th May 2014.

||Special Assembly on "Our Heritage" was held on 7th May 2014.

||Salwan Public School (Afternoon) organised a workshop on Calligraphy for class V on May, 2, 2014.

||Special assembly on Labour Day was conducted by the students of class VII-B on 2nd May 2014.

||Class VII-A conducted an assembly on 30th April, 2014 on the topic ‘Self Empowerment’.

||Ad Mad Show, an inter house competition was held on 26th April 2014 for the student of classes IV and V.

||In remembrance of the renowned poet and playwright William Shakespeare, Shakespeare Day was observed on 23rd April 2014.

|| Mother Teresa House conducted a special assembly to impart teachings of the Great Missionary of Charity to the studentson 23rd April 2014.

|| Special Assembly on "Earth Day" was held on 22nd April 2014.

||Salwan Public School Afternoon planned a Visit to Old Fort on 18th April 2014 for celebrating "World Heritage Day".

||The Hindi Poetry Competition of classes IX and X was held on April 16, 2014 for promoting peace and brotherhood among students.

||A special assembly on the theme self esteem was conducted by the students of class 8A on April 15,2014 with full enthusiasm.

||A special assembly on the theme " Setting Goals in life" was conducted by the students April 15, 2014 with full enthusiasm.

|| Salwan Public School Afternoon celebrated World Health Day as ‘Healthy Tiffin Day’ on 9th April 2014 .

|| Salwan Public School Afternoon observed Book Reading Day in the school ground on April 5, 2014.

|| Special Assembly on "Self Awareness" was conducted on 4th April 2014.

||A magic show was organised on 1st April for the tiny tots in the school.

||Orientation Programme for CLASS I was held on 29th March,2014.

|| Lohri was celebrated on 13th Jan, 2014 in school premises.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


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From The Principal's Desk

  • The minds of children are like wet clay waiting to be moulded into their destined shapes by the teachers, parents and the school environment. Seeing the students grow is a wonderful experience as they spend years not only acquiring knowledge, but also giving shape to various aspects of their personalities.

  • I believe that the art of teaching is the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds and shaping pearls in the oyster of opportunities. We at Salwan enable a free flow of creativity in the foundation years of formative minds as the field of expression for every child is unique and multifaceted. We believe in giving wings to the children’s enthusiasm through a plethora of co- curricular activities that explore the diverse innate talents, be it music, dance, sports, special-assemblies and inter- house competitions. We want our children to believe in themselves and in their lofty goals. They must make big plans, aim even higher and work tirelessly to always remain at the pinnacle of their achievements.
    Education of a child is a partnership between the teaching-fraternity and the parent-body. The child learns not only in school but at home as well. I earnestly look forward to your active involvement and interaction in the years to come. I hope to receive your valuable suggestions from time to time to enable the school reach unscaled heights. 

  • I count on your support, bank on your co-operation and rely on your faith which will galvanize us into action and help us to attain distinction.

  • Ms. Mukul Jha